Onto your horses!

Horses and riding have always been an important and integral part of Kekkola. During World War II Kekkola housed horses used by the Finnish army. Horseback riding enthusiasts have known Kekkola ever since the 1970s. Today, we offer riding courses starting from the popular beginners course for children to advanced top-grade coaching courses favoured by equestrian sports professionals. Our combined riding/tennis courses have been especially popular! A brand new, full-length riding ring and a great riding terrain beginning right from the grounds of the manor make Kekkola a perfect place for every horseback rider. Our horses are pampered by air-conditioned stables and a great amount of outdoor space.

If you’re still feeling up to it, you may want to try your luck at fishing or archery. At only 20 min. car ride from Kekkola you’ll find two golf courses and the city of Mikkeli with all its offerings.